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The vessels listed here have had some connection with Australia, and were all lost off or near the coast of New Zealand. They have not necessarily been enroute to or from Australia.

A number of references have been used, the vessels listed here being mentioned in their respective publications: Lawson [WL], Gregory [DG], and Bateson [AS1].
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A.H.Badger. Barque.  In October 1872, collided with the paddle steamer Nevada, 100 miles from New Zealand. The Nevada did not stop. Serious damage was done to the barque such that all hands were ordered to the boats and she sank soon after. The drifting boats were seen by the barque Alice Cameron, who rescued the survivors (there were no casualties). On arrival at Sydney, it was noted that the Nevada never reported the incident, causing condemnation and anger.  [WL]

Active. Brig. Involved in rescue - see ship Betsey, lost New Zealand, 1815.

Ada. Iron paddle steamer of 102 tons built at South Shields in 1853, Shortly after crossing to New Zealand she was wrecked on the bar of the Clutha River on 12 January 1861. [LPA]

Airedale. Steamer, 400 tons. Built Hull, UK. Lost off New Plymouth, NZ, 15 February 1871.  [WL]

Alpha. Schooner. Built Port Adelaide, 1842. Ran in the Adelaide-Launceston trade. Wrecked Patea, New Zealandd, about 1 April 1865. [AS1]

Ann and Mary. Brig, 171 tons. Built Hamilton, Bermuda, 1826; reg. London, Sydney 22/1839. Master William Richards. During a gale, broke form her moorings, wrecked at the Chatham islands, south of New Zealand, 18 June 1839. No loss of life. [AS1]

Ann. Screw steamer, 154 tons. Captain Gibbs. One of the first oceans-going steamers into New Zealand, crossing the Tasman in 1853. [WL]

Aorangi. Quadruple-screw motor ship, , 17491 tons. Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. Operated on the Sydney-Vancouver run.  [DG]

Aotea-roa. Steamship. See Avenger.

Aquila. Cutter, 40 tons. Built as a sloop. Reg. Sydney 72/1839. Lbd 40 x 14.3 x 7.2 ft. Captain Mark. Wrecked on a reef in the Bay of Islands, NZ, 29 June 1840. Three passengers died. [AS1]

Arawata. (Arawatta). Steamship, 1096 tons. (Sister Ringarooma). Built Glasgow, 1875. Brig- rigged with paintyed ports, and straight stems, with luxurious fittings. U.S.S.Co. Operated on the east coast, and to New Zealand and Fiji. Dismantled and converted to a store-ship in Wellington, NZ, 1900. Then used as a coal hulk. As such, collided with the liner Devon in Wellington Harbour, beached at Kaiwarra, and sank, so ending her days, 13 January 1927.  [DG]
Also listed:
Arawatta. Steam ship. Ran down and sank the brig Sea Nymph in Sydney Harbour, 9 June 1882. The Sea Nympth was later raised and disappeared on a journey from Maryborough, Queensland, to Melbourne in 1883. [TS1]
Note: This could not be the Arawatta, 2114 tons, built 1889 for A.U.S.N.Co.

Arawata. Steamer, 1100 tons. (Sister Ringarooma). Built on the Clyde, 1875 for McMeckan and Blackwood. Lb 245 x 30 ft.  One funnel and two masts gave her ‘a handsome appearance’. Engaged on the Melbourne-Dunedin service. At the end of her service, converted into a store ship on Wellington Harbour.  [WL]
On 13 January 1927, collided with steamer Devon and stranded on beach, Wellington, NZ.  [DG]

Avenger. Steamship, 14744 tons. Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. Engaged in naval work when torpedoed and sunk in the North Sea, 14 June 1917.  Oprated as the Aotea-roa in 'private life'. [DG]

Bertha Dolbeer. American schooner. Whilst carrying benzine, blew up off Cape Runaway, New Zealand with the loss of all hands, December 1917. [TS2]

Betsey. Ship, 222 tons. Built at Chittagong; reg. Calcutta. Arrived Sydney 21 October 1814. Captain Phillip Goodenough. After landing a party of sealers on Macquarie Island, went sealing in the Auckland Islands; was driven toward New Zealand and was abandoned twenty miles offshore Bay of Islands, 29 October 1815. Several of the crew had already died of scurvy, only twelve out of twenty alive when the Betsey was abandoned. Four men died in the jollyboat when set adrift. The remaining men, including the captain, made landfall in the whaleboat, but the captain and one lascar soon died. The remaining six were captured by Maoris, and finally rescued by the brig Active on 23 February 1816. The Betsey came ashore near Sandy Bay, New Zealand. [AS1]

Brothers. Cutter, 44 tons. Built Sydney, 1837; reg. Sydney 30/1842. Lbd 48.5 x 14.7 x 7.7 ft. Sailed from Sydney to New Zealand, then out of Wellington capsized in a squaall in Akaroa Harbour, 10 November 1842. A owman and two children drowned. [AS1]

Buffalo. HMS. Vessel of 589 tons. Lb 120 x 34 ft. Former East Indiaman Hindostan. Purchased by the Royal Navy 1 November 1813; initially a storeship, armed with sixteen guns, then a timber carrier in 1831.  Captain James Wood. From Sydney with a detachment of the 80th Regiment, wrecked in bad weather in Mercury Bay, NZ, 28 July 1840. Two drowned from compliment of ninety-two.

City of Dunedin. Steamer, 327 tons. Built 1853. Mysteriously disappeared in calm weather off New Zewaland coast, 20 May 1865.  [DG]

Devon. Steamship, 5489 tons. Built 1897. Wrecked near Wellington Heads, NZ, 25 August 1913. [DG]

Drayton Grange. Steamship, 6664 tons. See Tyrone.

Dublin Packet. Two-masted schooner, 109 tons. Built Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, 1818; reg. Sydney 20/1838. Lbd 66.2 x 17.8 x 12 ft. Master William Wells. Arrived at Taieri whaling station, thirty mile south-west of Otaho Heads, NZ, and dragged her anchors in heavy seas, ashore, 9 June 1839. The following day she broke up. Two crew and a passenger drowned. [AS1]

Eagle. Schooner, 92 tons. Masters W.Winter and John Gray. From Launceston to Auckland to San Francisco, totally wrecked off Cape Colville, Haurraki Gulf, NZ, 20 March 1850. No loss of life. Gray  had taken over the captaincy in Auckland, where Winmter was being detained as a result of stabbing a crew member. [AS1]
Bateson suggests possibly the same vessel ashore Port Phillip Heads, 1849.

Elingamite. Steamer, 2585 tons. Built 1887. Huddart Parker Limited. Captain Attwood. Left Sydney for Auckland 5 November 1902, carrying £17,000 in gold and silver; lost on West Island, one of the Three Kings Group off New Zealand, 9 November 1902. It was later noted that the islands had been wrongly charted. In fog, she sank in twenty mintes with the loss of forty-five lives.  A raft containing sixteen perople was not located until five days later, by HMS Penguin, with only eight survivors. She was carrying £17,300 in gold, some of which was recovered some eighty years later.  [WL],[MGV],[DG]

Elizabeth and Mary. Sealer, schooner, 90 tons. Grounded on the bar of Port Waikato, NZ, wrecked, early February 1831. The crew returned to Sydney on the Sydney Packet. [AS1]
In 1828, involved in rescue - see schooner Hunter, lost NZ, 1828.

Elizabeth Davis. Two masted wooden schooner, 33 tons. Built Shoalhaven, NSW, 1847; reg. Sydney 53/1847. Master Henry Cape. Arrived at Auckland from Sydney, then sailed for Wellington on 19 October 1847 but never seen again, presumed foundered at sea. [AS1]

England’s Glory. Iron ship, 787 tons. Built at Sunderland, 1869. Lbd 183.3 x 31.2 x 19.7 ft. Left London for Bluff, New Zealand, with a general cargo which included iron rails which moved during the voyage. While attempting to enter the harbour at Nelson, New Zealand on 7 November 1881, became unmanageable and ran ashore about two kilometres west of the entrance - a gale destroyed her five days later.   [AS6]

Enterprise. Schooner. Wrecked a few miles north of Hokianga Heads, New Zealand, 3 May 1828. The crew made shore but were all massacered by the Maoris who believed the Enterprise had been carrying muskets and powder to a rival tribe. [AS1]

Falcon. Two-masted schooner, 148 tons. Built Aberdeen, Scotland, 1829; reg. Port Louis, Mauritius, reg. Sydney 2 July, 31/1839. Wrecked Bay of Plenty, NZ, 1840. [AS1]
Bateson indiciates some doubt on the detailss of her loss.

Falcon. Two masted schooner, 54 tons. Built Bristol, UK, 1840; reg. Bristol, transfere to Sydney 22 April 1841, then 55/1848. Lbd 51.4 x 17.2 x 8.6 ft. Master William Henry Martin. From NZ to Sydney, driven asshore in hawkes Bay, NZ, 1850. A gang of runaway convicts and ship’s deserters living nearby plundered the vessel but the fate of the crew is not recorded. [AS1]

Gem. Two masted schooner, 76 ton. Built Leith, Scotland, 1828; reg. Melbourne 4/1839. Lbd 51.3 x 16.6 x 10.3 ft. Master Nicolas Pearce. Ashore, wrecked, at the Chatham islands, 24 April 1842. Crew saved. [AS1]

Glencoe. Barque, 160 tons. Built 1847. Known to have oprated in eastern Victorian waters in the 1850s, in the timber trade around Wilsons Promontory. Wrecked in Gore Bay, New Zealand, 1878.  [LPA],[LWP]

Glory. Brig, about 100 tons. Captain Thomas Swindells. When on a sealing voage, wrecked in the Chatham Islands, off New Zealand, 15 January 1827. No lives lost. Schooner Samuel assisted in the rescue. [AS1]

Governor Wynyard. First steamer, paddle wheeler, built in New Zealand, in Auckland 1851. Lb 52 x 13 ft. Master, part owner Captain Cook. Managed 8 knots. Came to Australia.  [WL]

Guide. Brig, 148 tons. Built Calcutta, 1799; reg. Sydney 6/1839, 56/1840, 30/1843, 30/1845. Lbd 74 x 22 x 4.6 ft. Aground in a gale at Wakapuaka Harbour, 22 January 1846. She was refloated but before she could be repaired ws again driven ashore in a gale, becoming a total wreck. [AS1]

Hannah. Brigantine, 90 tons. Built Macleay River, NSW, 1837; reg. Sydney 63/1845. Lbd 63 x 17.2 x 9.8 ft. Captain Taylor. Sailed from Wellington for Sydney on 11 December 1845 but never reached her destination. In January 1846, a wreck was washed ashore at Kaitaia, New Zealnd with four adult bodies on board. It appeared to have been the Hannah. [AS1]

Harriet. Barque, 240 tons. Captain Richard Hall. From Sydney to New Zealand, was wrecked at Taranaki,  near Cape Egmont, 29 April 1834. Fourten of the survivors were killed by Maoris. The wife and two children of Captain John Guard, in charge of the whaling party on board, was ransomed by the Maoris. HMS Alligator and the schooner Isabella were despatched from Sydney with sixty-eight officers and men of the 50th Regiment. The ensuing battle was the first engagement between the Maoris and British troops. Three villages were destroyed and many Maoris killed; those under ranson, including eight crew were rescued with no casualties amongst the military. [AS1]

Harriet. Whaler, 304 tons. Built Norton, New Brunswick, 1826; reg. Sydney 15/1836. Lbd 90.6 x 23.6 x 18.6 ft. Captain Richards. After a nine month whaling cruise, put in to the Bay of Islands, NZ; ashore in a gale 29 February 1840.

Hawea. Steamer, 721 tons. (Sister Taupo). Built UK, 1884. Lbd 215 x 27 x 14 ft. Had the first modern compound engines to operate in the south Pacific. Lost off New Plymouth, NZ, 12 June 1888.  [WL]
Also listed:
Hawea. Steamship, 721 tons. Built 1875. U.S.S.Co. Wrecked New Zealand, 12 June 1888.  [DG]

Hawea II. Steamship, 1750 tons. Built 1897. U.S.S.Co. Wrecked Greymouth, New Zealand, October 1908.  [DG]

Henry Freeling. Brigantine, 91 tons. Built Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK, 1813; reg. London, reg. Sydney 8/1837. Lbd 62.2 x 17.1 x 10.6 ft. Captain Fisher. Rig altered from ketch to brigantine on 15 September 1837. From Sydney to New Zealand, wrecked at the whaling station of Tautuku, South Otago, NZ, 12 November 1839. [AS1]

Hunter. Schooner, 61 tons. Built Norfolk Island, owned by Hobart interests. Ashore, wrecked,  at Entry (Kapiti) Island, NZ, during a gale, 8 June 1828. Crew returned to Sydney with the assistance of the Elizabeth and Mary. [AS1]

Industry. Sealer, brig, 87 tons. Captain W. Wiseman. Wrecked at Stewart island, NZ, 28 February 1831.  Eleven men including the captain and six Maori women lost. [AS1]

Industry. Schooner. Captain Skelton. Caught on a lee shore and wrecked about twenty miles north of Hokianga, NZ, 1 December 1836. Pillaged by Maoris but crew saved. [AS1]

Kotuku. Steamship, 1054 tons. Built 1900. U.S.S.Co. Wrecked at Greymouth Breakwater, NZ, May 1912. [DG]

Lady Jocelyn. Steamer, 2138 gross. Built 1852 for the East India trade. Originally SS Brazil. Lbd 254 x 39 x 24 ft. Engines removed, ship rigged, when purchased by Shaw Saville Co. Popular vessel in New Zealand waters. At the end of her life, was used as a store ship in London, then towed to Holland in 1922 and scrapped.  [DG]

Lapwing. Two-mast schooner, 93 tons. Built Chester, UK, 1831; reg. Liverpool, then Sydney on 7 January, 3/1841. Master (probably) Thomas Baker. Wrecked in Hawkes Bay, NZ, June or August 1841. Crew reached safety. [AS1]

Lauderdale. Steamship, 1071 tons. Built 1889. Wrecked at Greymouth, New Zealand, February 1910.  [DG]

Look In. Two-masted schooner, 78 tons. Built at Mount Direction Creek, Tamar River, Tasmania, 1838; reg. Launceston on 17 December 1838, then Sydney on 8 Januaary, 4/1841, 48/1841. Lbd 51.6 x 17 x 10.6 ft. Wrecked on Waikeri Point in the Chatham Islands, October 1842. [AS1]

Lord Rodney. Whaler, brig, 166 tons. Built Bermuda, 1807. Lbd 71-7 x 23-6 x 5-10 ft. Master John Barker Harewood. Wrecked in a gale on the west head of Whangaroa, NZ, 15April 1836. No loss of life. [AS1]

Lord Worsley.  Barque-rigged steamer, 500 tons. Built Hull, UK, 1857, for the Intercontinental Royal Mail Company. Arrive NZ 1858 under Captain Johnson.  Lost off New Plymouth, NZ, 31 August 1862.  [WL],[DG]

Lunar. Brig, 165 tons. Built Sunderland, UK, 1828; reg. London 280/32, transfered to Sydney 23 January, 13/1840. Captain Barker. From Melbourne to Otago with general cargo, wrecked near Waipapa, NZ, November 1843. She was refloated but again went ashore and was destroyed. [AS1]

Lynx. Barque, 180 tons. Built Java, 1815; reg. Sydney in November 1827, reg. Sydney 14/1837. Lbd 82-3 x 23-1 x ?. Master J. Gaunson. Ashore at NeW River, Invercargill, NZ, 19 November 1837. No loss of life. She had left Sydney to return the yeild of whale oil and whalebone from several NZ station. An attempt to refloat the vessel failed and she soon went to pieces. [AS1]

Magnet. Ship, 148 tons. Built Dartmouth, UK, 1815. Lbd 72.8 x 22 x 5.1 ft; reg. London, 20/37, transfered to Sydney 25 November, 36/1837, 8/1844. Captain John Chend Lewis. Wrecked at Ikolaki whaling station, Bank Peninsula, New Zealnd, 3 September 1844. One crew member crowned. [AS1]

Manaia. Steamship, 1159 tons. Ex Rotoiti. Built 1898. Northern Steamship Company, New Zealand. Wrecked off NZ coast, June 1926.  [DG]

Mapourika. Steamship, 1203 tons. Built 1898. U.S.S.Co. Stranded at Greymouth, NZ, 1 October 1898.  [DG]

Marama. Steamship, 6437 tons. Built 1907. Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. Taken ober by the Admiralty to be used as a hospital ship during World War 1. [DG]

Mararoa. Steamship, 2598 tons. Built 1885. Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. On th Sydney- San Francisco run, nd to New Zealand.  [DG]

Mercury. Brig, 156 tons. Built at Tortola, Virgin Islands; reg. London. Captain John Edwards.From Sydney on a sealing voyage, abandoned at sea off the NZ coast off Whangaroa, 7 March 1825.  She has put in to Whangaroa for supplies, and was attacked by Maoris who took over the ship. The Maoris plundered the ship, including most of the sails. After they left the mate and three others slipped the cable, but she could not be managed without adequate sails and drifted out to sea. The men took to the boats and made shore. The Mercury drifted ashore where she was burnt by Maoris. The whaler Pocklington assisted in returning the men to Sydney. [AS1]

Minerva. Schooner, 129 tons. Originally reg. Kirkcaldy, Scotland, 2/1839, then probably re- registered Launceston when purchased by J.H.Capmbell of Launceston. Wrecked at Waipiro, Hawkes Bay, NZ, 18 August 1842. [AS1]

Moana. Steamship, 3915 tons. Arrived Australia 1897. Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. On the Sydney-San Francisco run, and then New Zealand. Dismantled in 1927, and scuttled in shallow water at the entrance to Otago Heads. [DG]

Monowai. Single screw steamship, 3433 tons. Built Dumbarton, Scotland, 1890. Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. On the San Francisco and New Zealand route. Towed to Gisborne, New Zealand, sunk to form a breakwater, 1926.  [DG]

Monowai. Steamship, 3433 tons. Built 1890. U.S.S.Co. Dismantled and sunk to form a breakwater atGisborne, New Zealand, 1926.  [DG]

Nelson. Screw steamer, 330 tons. Second steamer to cross the Tasman from Australia (after the William Denny), arriving in New Zealand 1854. Her propeller was fitted aft of her rudder. (Refer also Achilles).  Operated in New Zealand waters for a year and then returned to England to engage in transport work to the Crimea.  [WL]

New Zealander. Two-mast schooner, 143 tons. Built Horeke, Hokianga, NZ, 1828; reg. Sydney 2/1833, 2/1834. Captain Boyce. Wrecked at Table Cape, Mahia peninssula, NZ, July 1836. No loss of life. [AS1]

Niagara. Royal Mail steamer, 13415 tons. Built Glasgow, 1913, especially for the Sydney- Vancouver run. Lb 543 x 66 ft.  Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. [DG]

Nimrod. Sir Ernest Shackleton’s vessel. Was towed 1510 miles from Lyttleton, NZ, to the Antractic Circle, 1908. [NH]

Northumberland. Steamer 2170 tons. Money, Wigram Line. Aquaired by Shaw Saville Line in 1884, converted to a sailing ship. Brought out hundreds of immigrants to New Zealand. Swept onto the beach during a gale, Napier, New Zealand, 10 May 1887. A steam launch assisting in the rescue of passengers, overturned, drowning several. Vessel wrecked.  [DG]

Ohau. Steamship, 766 tons. Built 1884. U.S.S.Co. Left Greymouth, NZ, in a gale and foundered, 12 May 1890. Twenty lives lost.  [DG]

Opouri. Steamship, 570 tons. Built 1911. Wrecked at Grey River, New Zeaaland, September 1917.  [DG]

Orwell. Barque, 305 tons. Built Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, 1832; reg. London, transsfered to Sydney 17 February 11/1843, 31/1845, 90/1847. Lbd 96.1 x 27.45 x 6 ft. Master John Shaw. Wrecked when entering Manakau Harbour, NZ, 2 February 1848. [AS1]

Otago. Stamship, 977 tons. Built Glasgow, 1863, for the Panama Company. Laid up for some time in Melbourne. Ashore in a fog, Chasland's Mistake, Foveaux Straits, New Zealand, 4 December 1876. She was carrying five boxes of golsd at the time, for the Union Bank, Melbourne; these were salvaged with great difficulty.  [DG]

Pateena. Steamer, 1212 tons. Built Glasgow, launched 1883, for the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Company. Lbd 240 x 31-7 x 22-2 ft. For many years  was on the Melbourne-Hobart run. During her latter years was in service across Cook’s Strait, NZ. Sold early 1920s and sunk at the mole inside Otago Heads.  [WL],[DG]

Penguin. Steamship, 824 tons. Built 1864. Ran between Glasgpw and Liverpool for a number of years before being purchased by the Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. From Picton to Wellington, New Zealand, wrecked near Cape Terawhiti, Cook Strait, 12 February 1909. Fifty- eight lives lost. [DG]

Penguin. HMS. Involved in rescue - see steamer Elingamite, lost New Zealand, 1903.  [DG}

Perth. Steamship, 1799 tons. Built 1897. Melbourne Steamship Company, on the Sydney to Fremantle, via Melbourne, run. Wrecked Greymouth, New Zealand, November 1921.  [DG]

Pocklington. Whaler. Involved in rescue - see brig Mercury, lost NZ waters, 1825.

Poherua. Steamship, 1179 tons. Built 1890. U.S.S.Co. Dismantl;ed and scuttled off N.Z.coast, February 1924.  [DG]

Port Elliot. Steamship, 7395 tons. Built 1910.  Commonwealth and Dominion Line. Wrecked on the New Zealand coast, 12 January 1924.  [DG]

Port Stephens. Steamship, 3554 tons. Built 1894.  Milburn Line. Broke tail shaft off New Zealand coast and abandoned, October 1906.  Crew saved. Vessel disappeared.  [DG]

Rangitoto. Steamship, 449 tons. Built 1865. McMeckan, Blackwood & Co. Wrecked off the New Zealand coast, 31 July 1873.  [DG]

Samuel. Schooner. Involved in rescue - see brig Glory, lost Chatham Islands, 1827. [AS1]

Scotia. Steamship, 400 tons. Built 1863. Wrecked near Bluff, New Zealand, 2 May 1864.  [DG]

Siren.  Brig, 141 tons. Built Dartmouth, UK, 1815; reg. Sydney 55/1838, 58/1839. 10/1841. Lbd 74-5 x 21-8.5 x 5-6 ft. Captain Munn. Struck on Tory Shoal, Kaipara Harbour, NZ, 1840. She got off the reef but was so badly damaged that she was condemned. [AS1]
Bateson indicates some doubt as to her fate after stranding.

Speculator. Brig, 98 tons. Built Lower Canada, 1828; reg. London, 165/1838, reg. transfered to Sydney on 27 November, 51/1838, 37/1839, 25/1841. Lbd 67 x 19.2 x 11.7 ft.  Master James Draper. Ashore in a storm, wrecked,  in a bay thirty miles south of Akaroa, NZ, 21 August 1841. Two members of the crew and six men of a shore party who went to their assistance were drowned. The brig Transfer was lost at the same time. [AS1]

Speculator. Two-masted schooner, 39 tons. Built at Hawkesbury, NSW, 1829; reg. Sydney 1/1841. Lbd 45-3 x 14-3 x 7-7 ft. Captain Leech. Left Mercury Bay, New Zealand on 12 August 1842 but never heard of again, presum foundered at sea with passengers and crew. [AS1]

Star of Canada. Steamship, 7280 tons. Built 1909. Tyser Line. Wrecked at Gisborne during a gale through her anchors dragging, 23 June 1912.  [DG]

Stormbird. Steamship, 217 tons. Built 1854. One of the world's oldest steamers when wrecked at mouth of the Wanganui River, New Zealand, September 1916. [DG]

Success. Brigantine, 82 tons. Built Sydney, 1835; reg. Sydney 13/1845. Lbd 56 x 20-4 x 11 ft. Captain Bromley. Out of Sydney, wrecked at The Bluff, New Zealand, in 1845, probably late April or early May. [AS1]

Sydney Packet. Two-mast schooner, 84 tons. Built Sydney 1826; reg. Sydney 6/1835. Lbd 61-4.5 x 18-3 x 9-11 ft. Master James Bruce. Whilst loading for Sydney, wrecked in a gale at Moeraki, south island New Zealand, 17 July 1837. No loss of life.
In 1831, involved in rescue - see schooner Elizabeth and Mary, wrecked NZ, 1831. [AS1]

Taiaroa. Steamship, 438 tons. Built 1875. U.S.S.Co. Wrecked New Zealand coast, 4 April 1886. Thirty lives lost. [DG]

Takapuna. Steamer, 1036 tons. Built Barrow, UK, 1883. Lbd 220 x 32 x 17-5 ft. Operated by the Union Steam Ship Company in New Zealand. Scuttled in Cook’s Strait, 19 June 1925.  [WL]

Takapuna. Stemaship, 930 tons. Built 1883. U.S.S.Co. Dismantled at Wellington, and scuttled in Cook Srait, June 1924.  [DG]

Talune. Steamship, 2087 tons. Built 1890 for the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Company, on the Hobart-Sydney run, then in 'the South Seas trade'. Dismantled and sunk as a breakwater at Waikokopu, New Zealand, November 1925.  [DG]
On 3 June 1899, fell in with the disabled steamer Perthshire, which had been drifting in the Pacific Oceans for eight weeks, and towed her back to Sydney.

Tamahine. Twin-screw oil-burner vessel, 1989 tons. Built 1925. Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. Operated in New Zealand coastal waters.  [DG]

Taranakai. Steamer, 443 tons. Built Scotland, 1866 for the New Zealand Steam Navigation Company. Struck a rock in Queen Charlotte Sound, NZ, 19 August 1868. All saved. Raised on 1 October 1869. Refitted and continued on NZ coastal services till lost at Tauranga.
Lawson writes, with no hint of humour,  “ ... her woodwork was spongy from the teredo worm. But the paintwork escaped.”  [WL],[DG]

Tararua. Steamer, 850/692 tons. Built 1864. Entered intercolonial service of the Panama Company in 1865. Sold to Union Steam Ship Company in 1878. A large gold robbery took place aboard during her service. Captain Garrard. Lost off Waipapa Point, between Dunedin and the Bluff, NZ, 30 April 1881.  One hundred and twenty lives lost.  [WL],[#DG - 102 lives lost]

Tasmania. Steamship, 2252 tons. Built 1892. Huddart, Parker & Co. Foundered off the New Zealand coast, 29 July 1897.  [DG]

Taupo. Steamer, 721 tons. (Sister Hawea). Built UK. Lbd 215 x 27 x 14 ft. U.S.S.Co. Had the first modern compound engines to operate in the south Pacific. Ran ashore at Tautanga Heads, NZ, 18 February 1879, and lay there for two years. Raised, overhauled but sprung a leak on her way to Auckland and sank, 5 May  1881. The steamer Wellington stood by to assist. [WL],[DG]

Taupo II. Steamship, 766 tons. Built 1885. U.S.S.Co. Wrecked at Grey River, New Zealand, July 1900.  [DG]

Te Anau. Steamship, 1652 tons. Built 1879. U.S.S.Co. Dismantled and scuttled off the New Zealand coast, June 1924.  [DG]

Tongariro. Steamship, 5791 tons. Built 1901. N.Z.S.Co. Wrecked on Bull Rock, east coast New Zealand, August 1916.  [DG]

Toroa. Three-masted schooner, 164 gross. Went missing on the New Zealand coast while on a voyage from Greymouth to Wanganui, August 1903.  [TS2]

Transfer. Brig, 173 tons. Built Labrador, 1825; reg. London, 165/1838, reg. transfered to Sydney on 27 November 1838, 28/1840, 41/1841. Lbd 76 x 22.1 x 6.1 ft. Master George Edward Read. Ashore in a storm, wrecked,  in a bay thirty miles south of Akaroa, NZ, 21 August 1841. Two members of the crew and six men of a shore party who went to their assistance were drowned. The brig Speculator was lost at the same time. [AS1

Tyrone. Steamship, 6664 tons. Built 1901. Ex Drayton Grange. Wrecked at Otago Heads, New Zealand, 29 September 1913.  [DG]

Ventnor. Steamship. Whilst en route from Dubnedin to China with a cargo of Chinese corpses, struck a rock off New Zealand coast and foundered, 1902.  [DG] Sounds interesting!

Vittoria. Ship, 281 tons. Lbd 94.9 x 26.9 x 5.2 ft. Condemned as a prize in the High Court of Admiralty on 15 June 1813; reg. Sydney 12/1833, 33/1839, 21/1840. Master Henry Paynter. From Sydney with sheep, wrecked on Cape Farewell, NZ, 29 February 1840. No loss of life. [AS1]

Wahine. Twin-screw motor vessel, 8964 tons. Built in UK. Captain Robertson. Capsized in Cook Strait,  New Zealand, 9 April 1968. [#NH]
Also listed:
Wahine. Turbin triple-screw steamship, 4435 tons. Built 1913. Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand. [DG]

Waikare. Steamship, 3071 tons. Built 1897. U.S.S.Co. Struck a rock in West Coast Sounds, NZ, and sank, January 1910.  [DG]

Wairarapa. Steamship1786 tons.. Built Dumbarton, 1882. U.S.S.Co. 'A handsome and magnificent steamer'. Left Sydney for Auckland, 24 October 1894; wrecked on Great Barrier Island at the entrance to Hauraki Gulf, sixty miles from Auckland, 28 October 1894. One hundred and fifty-six people lost their life, including the captain; 119 survived.  [DG]
Dickson documents two statistics for loss of life in the one books - 156 and 110.

Wanaka. Steamship, 493 tons. Built 1876. U.S.S.Co. Wrecked New Zealand coast, 2 April 1891.  [DG]

Wanaka II. Steamship, 2422 tons. Built 1897. U.S.S.Co. Sold for breaking up at Dunedin after twnety-nine years of service, 9 March 1927.  [DG]

Wellington. Steamer, 383 tons. Built Scotland, 1866 for the New Zealand Steam Navigation Company.  Ended her days as a hulk in Auckland Harbour.   [WL]
In 1881, involved in rescue - see steamer Taupo, lost NZ, 1881.  [WL]

White Swan. Steamer, 335 tons. Built 1853. McMeckan, Blackwood & Co. Sold.Captin McLean. Engaged in a mail service between Auckland and Wellington. Wrecked off Flat Point, NZ, 28 June 1862. Steamer Storm Bird assisted in rescue. [WL],[DG]

William Denny. Screw steamer, 595 tons. Built Dumbarton, UK, 1853. Entered service between Sydney and Auckland under an agreement with the Auckland Provincial Government to run a monthly service connecting the English mail-boats. Lost at North Cape, NZ, when she grounded in thick fog, 3 March 1857. An attempt to refloat her was nearly successful, but a south-east gale put an end to the operation and she was abandoned.  [WL]

Wiltshire. Steamship, 10390 tons. Built 1912. F.S.N.Co. Totaly wrecked during fog at Great Barrier Island, New Zealand, 31 May 1922.  [DG]

Wimmera. Steamship, 3022 tons. Built 1904. Joined Huddart, Parker Limited fleet. Captain Kell. Left Auckland for Sydney with seventy-six passengers; hit a mine laid by the German raider Wolf, off Cape Farewell, New Zealand, 26 June 1918. Her master, and a number of passengers and crew, were drowned or killed by the explosion; twenty-six in all lost.  [DG]

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