# before a book code indicates that it contains a major reference to the vessel.
@ before text indicates that it relates to the current wrecksite and diving information.
~ before the text indicates that all or part of the vessel is visible above water.


AL  POOR SOULS THEY PERISHED. The Cataraqui, Australia's Worst Shipwreck. Andrew Lemon and Majorie Morgan.Hargreen Publishing, Melbourne, 1986. ISBN 0 949905 28 3. Hardcover, dustjacket,hotograhs, maps, notes and sources. The definitive work on what is still Australia's greatest civil disaster.

The Register was followed by a second listing titled: List of Vessels registered at various Ports of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, lost, missing, or taken from active service since....(year).
Note: The ‘year’ indicated in each register were not the same. For example, The Register of Australian and New Zealand Shipping Corrected to 30 June, 1946, was followed by List of Vessels registered at the various Ports of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, lost, missing or taken from active service since 1933. New Zealand entries are not generally listed here, although if a ship was built in Australia and lost in New Zealand waters, it would be included. Nothing under 10 tons has, generally, been listed. Specific listing include:Corrected to 30 June, .... (year)
(1)....since 1887. (2).....since 1891. (3).....since 1928. (4).... since 1933, 1946 Register. (4)...since 1936. (5) .... to 30/6/1950. (6) ... prior to January 1874. Also included as a reference under this code is the complete listing of vessels lost or missing as per the ASR, compiled by Peter Taylor of the Maritime Archaeology Association of Victoria and made available on disk and paper.

AS1 AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS, Volume One, 1622-1850. Charles Bateson. A.H. & A.W. Reed Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1972. ISBN 0 589 07 112 2. Hardcover, dust jacket, 268 pages, few mono prints.  Bateson lists over fifty book references, numerous newspapers, and achive records, each vessel so listed having the source of information defined. The author was one of the finest maritime historians in Australia, the author of several impotant works including The Convict Ships 1788-1868, and Gold Fleet to California. This was to be the first of a series of books by Charles Bateson, however he died before the second volume was prepared. Volume Two was finally produced in 1980, by a new publisher, written by Jack Loney whom Bateson had referenced considerably in this volume.

AS2 AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS, Volume 2. (1851 - 1871).  Jack Loney. Published in 1980. Hardcover, dustjacket, 238 pages. (Not referenced as yet)

AS3.  AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS, Volume 3 (1871 - 1900).  Jack Loney. Published in 1982. Limited edition. Hardcover, dustjacket, 296 pages. (Not referenced as yet).

AS4 AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS, Volume 4 (1901-1986).  Jack Loney. The definitive work. Australian wrecks this century. Hardcover, 290 pages, 140 photos. (Not referenced as yet)..

AS5 AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS, Volume 5 (1622-1990 Update).  Jack Loney. Hardcover and softcover. The volume updates a further 1000 shipwrecks since 1622, and includes wrecks additional wrecks from 1987 to 1990. (Not referenced as yet).

AS6 AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS , Volume 6, The Australia Run. Jack Loney and Peter Stone. Due for release later year 2002. Covers the ships lost enroute from England, not necessarily on the Australian coastline. Includes the famous Waratah, Royal Charter, London, and many others.  Register your interest - a brochure will be mailed to you when it becomes available.

BB SHIPWRECK ON MIDDLETON REEF. Bill Belcher. Collins, Auckland, 1979. Hardcover, dustjacket, 190 pages, mono prints. The loss of the yacht Josephine on Middleton Reef, 1978.

BNN  Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Spearfishing Guide to NORTHERN NEW SOUTH WALES. Tom Byron. Fourth Edition (2002). ISBN 0 9494990016. Softcover, 328 pages, many charts and mono line drawings. The definitive work on the subject. Contains exceptional detail on many of the shipwreck sites. Includes CD-ROM.

BNS Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Spearfishing Guide to SOUTHERN NEW SOUTH WALES. Tom Byron. Fourth Edition (2002). ISBN 0 949490 03 2. Softcover, 248 pages, many charts and mono line drawings. The definitive work on the subject. Contains exceptional detail on many of the shipwreck sites. Includes CD-ROM.

CC CARGO FOR THE COLONY. Michael Nash. A brilliant analysis of the loss of the Sydney Cove. Hardcover, dustjacket.

CF FIRST VISITORS TO BASS STRAIT. J.S. Cumston. Published by Roebuck Society, Canbera, 1973. (Not referenced as yet).

CWR WRECKS AND REPUTATIONS. The Loss of the Schomberg and Loch Ard. Don Charlwood. Angus and Robertson Publishers. First published 1977.  ISBN 0 207 13065 5 (hard bound), 0 207 13547 9 (paper bound). 190 pages, sixteen mono plates. An authoritive and exceptional book, exhaustivly researched and most readable by a well respected author. The covers not only the loss of the two ships, but the circumastances of other losses of the day and their relevance to maritime travel in the mid nineteenth century. Naturally, Captain ‘Bully’ Forbes of the Schomberg is well documented, as are the subsequent lives of the two survivors from the Loch Ard, Tom Pearce and Eva Carmichael. A great read.

DA DIVE AUSTRALIA, 4th edition. Peter Stone. First edition 1982, 4th edition 1999. Published by Oceans Enterprises, Yarra, Victoria. ISBN 0 958 6657 3 7. Softcover, 598 pages, mono photographs, maps. The definitive work on diving in Australian waters.
(Victoria, Kent Group, Fureaux Group only referenced to date. )

DD  SKINDIVERS & SHIPWRECKS. Doug Denmead. ISBN 0 9099853 40 1.  Published during or prior to 1`973. No publisher indicated - probably Australian Sports Publications, Melbourne. Softcover, 96 pages, mono prints. An important book as it covers first hand experiences in diving the wrecks of Port Phillip, Nepean and Londsdale Reefs, and some of the vessels along the western Victorian coast. The author was an experewinced diver living at the time  in the Geelong region.

DG AUSTRALIAN STEAMSHIPS PAST AND PRESENT. Dickson Gregory. The Richards Press Ltd, London, 1928. Hardcover, 260 pages. An interesting volume with descriptions of some 350 steamer shipwrecks, and details on a further thousand ships. However, there appears to be quite a few errors, and specific dates and locations of incidents are not included, reducing the value of the book. An appendix lists the shipping losses. Very well illustrated.

DUP DOWN UNDER AT THE PROM. Marg O'Toole and Malcolm Turner. Publsihed by the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria. 'A guide to marine life and dive sites at Wilsons Promontory'.  A most useful book of 112 pages, softcover, colour and mono prints, maps, drawings. Shipwrecks form only a small part of the book (only three are mentioned), but the information is relevant.

DW CORAMBA - The Ship The Sea Swallowed.  Des Williams. Published by the author, 1984. Softcover, 96 pages, mono prints. The vessel was lost between Warrnambool and Melbourne in 1934.

EB THE WALTER HOOD. Eunice Brady. Shepp Books, NSW, 1985. ISBN 0 949250 08 2. Small, 58 page softcover book, mono prints. A fine reference.

EP ECHOES OF THE PAST. Wrecks of King Island. (Not referenced to date - Broxam and Nash have used this reference in [TS1,TS2]).

GC KANGAROO ISLAND SHIPWRECKS. Gifford D. Chapman. Roebuck Society Publication. First published 1972, Canberra. Second printing 1973, andd although not indicated on the verso title paage, another printing after 1980. Hardcover, justjacket, 108 pages, well illustrated with mono photographs, excellent index. No doubt the definitive work on the subject.

GB SHIPWRECKS OF THE NEW SOUTH WALES CENTRAL COAST. Volume 1 1800- 1899. Greg Berry. Self  published under Central Coast Shipwreck Reserach, 1994. ISBN 0 646 21109 9. Covers in some detail the loss of approximately 130 ships in the ‘central coast’ region, ie surrounding Sydney from Wollongong to north of Terrigal. Most vessels rate more than  half a page and whereas most references are published works, the author has extensively used newspapers, archives, marine board reports and private papers to provide further information. The detail on some of the smaller vessels lost is extensive and therefore fills a gap left by Loney and others. Softcover, 128 pages, mono photographs. Research references are indicated at the end of each vessel listed. Index, glossary, charts. Reference is made to a set of books in the series, but the editor is not aware of any further volumes.

GR THE WRECK OF THE BARQUE STEFANO, Off the North West Cape of Australia in 1875. Gustave Rathe. Hesperian Press, Australia, 1992. Cannongate Press, Edinburgh, Scotland. Hardcover, dust jacket, 136 pages, mono photographs and maps, colour plate.

HH(1&2)  SHIPS IN THE CORAL. Hector Holthouse. There are actually two books by this name, by the same author, by two separate publishers.  The first was published by The Macmillan Company of Australia in 1976 (ref HH1); the second, by Angus and Robertson Publishers in 1986 (ref HH2), is subtitled ‘Explorers, Wrecks and Traders of the Northern Australian Coast’. The second purports to be an ‘expanded and revised edition’ but there is little similarity between the two books, and thus they should be treated separately. The Macmillan publication is hardcover, 146 pages, mono prints; the A&R book is 336 pages, a few mono prints. Both books are indexed. There are thirty independant chapters in the A&R book, covering a wealth of shipwreck information from the Abrolhos Islands to the Great Barrier Reef.  Both both, but in particular the 1886 edition, are a wealth of historical information on the settlement and maritime industry of the northern coastline of Australia. An excellent read, and a worthy companion to any historical library.

HS IRON CLIPPER - TAYLEUR.  H.F. Starkey. Wrecked off the coast of Ireland in 1854 with the loss of 380 lives. Softcover, 120 pages, mono illustrations.

IL SHORE DIVES OF VICTORIA. (Dives of the Southern Ocean). Ian Lewis. 120 shore dives from Cape Otway to the Promentory including Port Phillip and Westernport. Published by author, 1988. Softcover, 176 pages, many mono site drawings, a few mono photographs. An important reference for the diver and snorkeller, and gives wrecksite information on some twenty- seven vessels, or part thereof, close to shore.

IM WRECK OF THE ADMELLA. Ian Mudie. Rigby Limited, 1966. Library of Congress # 66-24166. Hardcover, dustjacket, 184 pages, mono prints. The definitive work on the loss of the vessel off Cape Northumberland, in 1859.

JF THE QUETTA, Queensland's Worst Disaster. John C.H.Foley. Nairana Publications, Queensland, 1990. ISBN 0 7316 8141 X. Softcover, 162 pages, mono photographs and maps, one colour plate. 'The complete story of the wreck of the liner Quetta - tragic victim of a one-sided contest between a moving iron hull and a pinnacle of unyielding granite'.

JM THE WRECK OF THE HAZARD... and Other True Stories of Broken Bay. Jim Mackean.  Self published, 1994. ISBN 0 646 21989 8. Oblong format, softcover, 56 pages, mono prints.  Broken Bay lies north of Port Jackson at the enrance to Pittwater. This informative book covers a number of wrecks in the area. Extensive source notes. No index.
LA ADMELLA.. Published by J.K.Loney. No date. Small booklet of 20 pages, mono photographs rather poorly reproduced. Index, map, several appendicies. Four chapters: The Ship,  The Wreck, The Rescue, The Epilogue. Lists passengers and crew, and rescuers.

LAH AN ATLAS HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS. J.K. Loney. A.H. & A.W.Reed Pty Ltd, 1891. Hardcover, just jacket, 120 pages, index, bibliography. Mono prints and basic charts. Ships listed by state. A rather superficial book; only a brief description is indicated for each vessel, however the book is of some interest to scuba divers as it provides basic information on the status of some of the major diveable wrecks. The ship listing is not extensive, and there are too many errors to give the book any credibility.

LC SHIPS IN CORIO BAY, 1840-1980. J.K.Loney. Neptune Press, Geelong, Victoria, 1981. ISBN 0 909131 76 7. Hardcover, dust jacket (softcover also published), 222 pages, many mono photographs. Covers a history of shipping into Corio Bay, Port Phillip, and the ships that used the  port. Bibliography, index.

LE WRECK OF THE SHIP ERIC THE RED. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. First published 1991. ISBN 0 909191 43 3. A small book of 58 pages, mono photographs throughout. No index. Seven appendicies. Includes extensive newspaper reports, captains reports and government reports.

LF WRECKS IN THE FURNEAUX GROUP (Flinders island). Jack Loney. Marine history publications. No date. Small booklet of sixteen pages. No index. Listss events in chronological order from 1797 to 1968.

LG. WRECKS ALONG THE  GIPPSLAND COAST. Jack Loney. Published by Marine History Publications,  Portarlington, Victoria 3223. First Published 1968. Eighth edition, 1994, used in this encyclopedia.The true definition of the Gippsland coast is debateable, but generally regarded as being the south-eastern region of Victoria, from Western port through to Cape Howe and the New South Wales border, but for this publication, the author has included 510 wrecks from Point Nepean at Port Phillip Heads, through to Cape Howe, ie eastern Victoria. The body of the book is a chronological listing of the loss of vessels, irrespective of rig or size, although the author points out that small trading vessels are included, but not all fishing boats and pleasure craft. The text per vessel lost is generally dependent on the size and ‘importance’ of the vessel, and ranges from a superficial few lines to a maximum of one page. It is interesting to note that in terms of tonnage lost, the eastern victorian coast pales into near insignificance compared to that of ‘the shipwreck coast’, ie the western victorian coastline as documented by the author in Wrecks Along the Great Oceans Road. Softcover, 120 pages, mono photographs of poor quality, five appendicies, indexes of People, Places, General, and Ships.

LH HIGH AND DRY - Visible Wrecks and Wreckage in Australian Waters.  Peter Stone and Jack Loney. Neptune Press. First published 1983. ISBN 0 949583 18 9. Small book of 67 pages, mono photographs. An interesting  text in that it gives a greater indication of what remnants of our lost shipping could be seen by the general public at the time. Divided into Hulks, and Visible Wreckage, with alphabetic sequences within each.

LHG WRECKS AT HELL’S GATES Jack Loney. Pubished by Marine History Publications. ISBN 0 909191 21 2. Small booklet of 20 pages.Covers a brief history of Strahan (Tasmania) and the Macqurie Harbour area, and the vessels that did, and didn’t make it through hell’s gates, the entrance to the harbour.

LI AUSTRALIA’S ISLAND SHIPWRECKS.  Jack Loney and Peter Stone. First published in 1980 by Neptune Press, Geelong. ISBN (hard) 0 909131 56 2, (soft) 0 909131 57 0.Covers the islands off Australia, including Macquarie island, Elizabethn and Middleton reefs, Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands. Good coverage of the major wrecks; diving notes. Book of 118 pages, index. Bibliography of published work, but no specific newspaper references and primary sources. Some colour plates, mainly mono prints of only reasonable quality.

LFJ WRECK OF THE FIJI. Jack Loney. Publsihed by author. No. 6 in the series of famous Wrecks. ISBN 0 909244 15 4. Small booklet of sixteen pages.No date, c 1980s.

LK WRECKS ON KING ISLAND. Jack Loney. Marine History publications. No date. ISBN 0 909191 03 4. Small booklet of 28 pages, mono photographs. Text in chronological order of incident from 1801 to 1977. Provides list of references, including newspaper editions. No index.

LL THE LOCH ARD DISASTER. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. 1993 (Tenth edition). ISBN 0 9599853 1 X. A small book of 80 pages, mono photographs, maps and drawings. Nine chapters, ten appendicies. Covers the tragic Loch Line, the ship and her voyage, her wrecking, the two survivors tom Pierce and Eva Carmichael, salvage, and current day diving and visitors guide.

LLB LADY BAY, WARRNAMBOOL - A GRAVEYARD OF SHIPS. J.K.Loney. Marine History  Publications. ISBN 0 909244 10 3. First printed in 1968. A small booklet of only 20 pages, mono prints.

LN Loney, Jack. WRECKS ON THE NEW SOUTH WALES COAST. Jack Loney. Published by Lonestone Press, imprint of Oceans Entreprises, Victoria, 1993. Chronological list of wrecks, from 1797 to 1992, over 150pp, with mono photographs. Appendix  A- Noteable wrecks in Sydney Harbour. Appendix B - Wrecks on Lord Howe Island. 1410 wrecks. The body of the book is in chronologcal sequence of wrecking.

LO WRECKS ALONG THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD. Jack Loney. Shipwrecks on the Victorian west coast from Point Lonsdale to Portland. Published by Marine History Publications,  Portarlington, Victoria 3223. First Published 1967. Edition used in this encyclopedia, 1993. Has drawn on previous works by the author: Wrecks Around Cape Otway, Shipwrecks Along the Great Ocean Road, and Wreck’s on Victoria’s South West Coast. Although the actual Great Ocean Road hugs the coast from lorne to Warrnambool, the book really covers western Victoria, with 382 wreck listings from Point Lonsdale at Port Phillip Heads through to Portland and Cape Bridgewater. Future editions may well have been called Wrecks Along the Shipwreck Coast, for this is the more recent  ‘tourist name’ given to this magnificent yet somewhat treacherous stretch of coastline.  The format of the publication is unusual in that six separate chapters are devoted to the rig of the vessel (ie ship, barques, schooners etc), with a chronological listing of the ship’s loss within each chapter. This does make research on a particular vessel awkward, but an index of all vessels assists. It is the interesting that author abandoned this format for later publications, and opted for the more convenient straight chronological listing irrespective of rig. Text for some of the more ‘famous’ wrecks is quite substantial, covering several pages. Also included are a ‘visitor’s guide’ giving prcise locations of some of the major vessels, and  ‘notes for skindivers’, giving some indication of the state of the vessel. Eleven appendicies. Softcover, about 140 pages (various with edition), mono photographs of poor quality; iIndex of Ships, Persons, and General.

LPA SHIPS AND SHIPWRECKS AT PORT ALBERT. Jack Loney. Published by Marine History publications, Geelong. ISBN 0 909191 32 8. Softcover, 108 pages, mono prints. Covers the discovery and settlement of the Port, and the south gipsland region of Victoria; the sailing ships and steamers that used the port, and the shipwrecks.

LPH AN ERA AT PORT PHILLIP HEADS 1830 - 1900. Self-published, no date. ISBN 0 9599853 6 0. A small booklet of 36 pages, mono prints, mainly covering the pilot and lifeboat services out of Queenscliff.

LPW SHIPS AT PORT WELSHPOOL AND OTHER MEMORIES. Jack Loney. Published by Marine History Publications. ISBN 0 909191 41 7. A very small booklet of 32 pages, with mono prints.

LQ WRECKS ON THE QUEENSLAND COAST. Jack Loney. published by Lonestone Press, imprint of Oceans Entreprises, Victoria, 1993. Includes Great Barrier reef, Coral Sea, Torres Strait, Gulf of Carpentaria. Chronological list of wrecks, from 1791 - 1992; 160pp, with mono photographs. 1080 wreck listings.

LR WRECKS IN THE RIP. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. No date. ISBN 0 909191 04 2.  Small booklet of 44 pages, some mono photographs. No index. Refers to the entrance to Port Phillip, bounded by Point Nepean on the east and Point Lonsdale on the west. Continuous text in chronological order of wrecks, strandings, collisions and other incidents, from 1838 to 1977. Gives newspaper references to major events.

LS  WRECKS ON THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN COAST. Jack Loney. Published by Lonestone Press, imprint of Oceans Entreprises, Victoria, 1993. Including Kangaroo Island. Chronological list of wrecks, from 1837 - 1992; 170pp, with mono photographs. Commences with a separate chapter on each of South Australia’s most famous shipwrecks, the steamship Admella, and the full-rigged iron clipper Loch Vennachar. The body of the publication consists of a chronological listing of 544 vessel losses from 1837 to 1992. Softcover, 170 pages, mono photographs of reasonable quality throughout, four appendicies, bibliography, glossary; index of Ships, Places, General, People.

LSS SHIPS AND SEAMEN OFF THE SOUTH COAST. Jack Loney. Neptune Press. First published 1980. ISBN 0 909131 45 7 (hardback), 0 909131 46 5 (soft). 142 pages, many mono photographs. Twenty-one chapters covering specific subjects, from collissions and Cchinese, to whaling and war. An excellent, informative book, superficial at times but a great read. Particular useful for specific vessel details.Includes index and extensive biblography. Was LM

LSW THE SEA WAR IN BASS STRAIT. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. First published 1993. ISBN 909191 51 4. A small book of 68 pages plus index; mono photographs throughout. Covers the two world wars, considering losses attributed to both German and Japanese mines and submarines.

LV VICTORIAN SHIPWRECKS. J.K.Loney. All wrecks in Victorian waters and Bass strait, including King Island and the Kent Group. Published by The Hawthorn Press, 1971. Note: Does not include Bass Strait wrecks on Tasmanian shores, nor Furneaux group. The first of the Loney works to cover a whole state, and the first hardcover publication. The format is much different to the straight chronological text of later publications; the wrecks are divided over eleven regional areas, one per chapter. Two other chapters are general in nature, with two others being a summary of wrecks. No less than eighteen appendicies provide further information. The format makes it difficult to search for specific wrecks, but the text on each vessel is rather superficial, with much more detail provided in the later works: Wrecks on the Great Ocean Road (ie western Victoria), Wrecks on the Gippsland Coast, and Wrecks in the Rip and Port Phillip Bay.  Appendix Q provides newspaper references to the major wrecks. Insofar as this encyclopedia is concerned, the indication [LV] is only shown if the wreck is not included in LG, LO or LP, or of there is confliction or additional information. Generally, a wreck listed in LG, LO or LP will be in LV, but not necessarily so. Only the one edition produced; hardcover, dust jacket, 177 pages, excellent mono photographs in three sections, bibliography, glossary, general index, persons index, index of ships not included in wrecks.

LW WRECKS ON THE WESTERN AUSTRALIAN COAST. Jack Loney. Published by Lonestone Press, imprint of Oceans Entreprises, Victoria, 1994. Early English and Dutch wrecks. Chronological list of wrecks, from 1802 to 1994, over 200pp, with mono photographs. Includes Wrecks in Northern Territory Waters, from  1839 - 1993. The publication commences with a small chapter on the East India Company’s vessel Tryal, ‘Australia’s First recorded Shipwreck’, followed by sixteen pages on the important Dutch shipwrecks of the 17th and 18th century off the WA coast. The body of the book is in chronological format, with  1027 wreck listings for the  state of WA, and 177 wreck listings for the territory. Softcover, 200 pages, mono photographs throughout of good quality, bibliography; index of Places, General, People and Ships.

LWP SHIPWRECKS AND SEA ADVENTURES AROUND WILSONS PROMONTORY. Jack Loney. Neptune Press. 1982. ISBN 0 909131 95 3. Softcover, 84 pages. The first publication in the ‘Neptune’s Coastwatch Series’ of which only this, and High and Dry were published. The body of the publication includes a chronologicl listing of vessels lost in the vicinity; adddition chapters include exploration by sea, sealing and whaling, and sea adventures.

MGS SHIPWRECKS, STORMS & SEAMEN OF THE NEW SOUTH WALES COAST. Max Gleeson. Self published, 1996. ISBN 0 646 28019 8. Softcover, 168 pages, many mono photographs, 8 colour plates.  Covers in some detail the life and loss of eleven major ships that were lost off the NSW coast or had a significant role in the marine trade of the state.

MGV THE VANISHED FLEET OF THE SYDNEY COASTLINE. Max Gleeson. Self published 1993. ISBN 0 646 13671 2. Softcover, 168 pages. Many mono photographs; sixteen colour plates. Covers in excellent detail the life and loss of fifteen major ships that were lost off the NSW coast or had a significant role in the marine trade of the state.  (There is no duplication with the previous title). Wreck and diving details included.


MJ MURDER MAYHEM FIRE & STORM - AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS, Max Jeffreys. Published in 1999 by New Holland Pubishers (Australia) Pty Ltd. ISBN I 86436 445 9. Softcover, 262 pages, index, glossary, biblio references, a few mono prints. Provides a readable account of some of Australia’s most ‘famous’ shipwrecks.

MM SHIPWRECKS .. AND MORE SHIPWRECKS. Margaret E. MacKenzie. Being the historical and authentic account of Shipwrecks along the Victorian Coast from Cape Otway to Discovery Bay, 1835-1914. The National Press  Pty Ltd, Melbourne. This remarkable book has gone through several editions ands many reprints. It first appeared in 1954, simply as SHIPWRECKS, and went through three editions - 1956 and 1964. Ten years later the fourth edition came out as SHIPWRECKS ... AND MORE SHIPWRECKS. The book is actualy written by Margaret MacKenzie’s daughter Jean, who wrote down the experiences and knowledge related by her mother, blind for these last years of her life. Margaret MacKenzie’s father was Charles MacGillivray, who came to Peterborough, on the coast in western Victoria, in 1873. The Schomberg had been wrecked there eighteen years earlier, and in the years to ccome, the family was to be directly involved in assisting those wrecked in the Young Australian, Loch Ard, Newfield and Falls of Halladale. Hence we have a rather unique book in Australia’s maritime history, a modern book on seventy-one shipwrecks of western Victoria based predominantly on first hand accounts. There are however a few factual errors in the book, particularly in the fourth edition which expands on the personal experiences so impoortant in the first three editions, so one had to keep an open mind. Hardcover, up to 190 pages (as the editions expanded), mono plates. (For this encyclopedia, I have used the fourth edition). Then lack of an index does not assist research.

MR NORTH COAST RUN - MEN AND SHIPS OF THE NSW NORTH COAST. Mike Richards. Turton & Armstrong, Wahroonga, NSW, 1996 (possibly third reprint). Softcover, double column oblong format, 175 pages, mono prints, further reading list. An excellent book covering the ships and voyages from Sydney north to the Queensland border in some detail with many annecdotes. Predominantly based on the ships of the N.C.S.N. Co. An appendix lists ship details in chronological sequence owned by the N.C.S.N. Co (and a few others for interest), however the lack of an index (and the awkward format) makes further research extremely tedious. The readers of an author who has gone to meticulous research and excellent authorship in the preparation of a valuable historic volume deserves at least a basic index. A glossary would also be useful, and perhaps a brief summary of the various shipping companies as an appendix. Excellent chapters on early steamers in NSW, and the history of towns within the boundaries of the book content. The many mono photographs are well reproduced. A most intresting and valuable book.

NH HAZARDS OF THE SEA. Captain John Noble. Three Centuries of Challenge in Southern Waters. Published in 1970 by Angus and Robertson. A very interesting and readable book covering southern Australian shipwrecks and those in New Zealand waters. Twenty-six chapters by theme: no specific order to the ships mentioned. Hardcover, 251 pages, index, mono photographs throughout. No primary references given, however of the ships and incidents mentioned, there is usually a great deal of information.

NJ WRECK OF THE JOSEPH H. SCAMMELL. Geoff Nayler. Published by author. ISBN 0 909853 78 9. Small booklet of 32 pages, mono prints. Covers history of the vessel, diving information and recovery of relics.

NSC SHIPWRECKS ALONG THE SOUTHERN COAST. Geoff Nayler. No publisher, nor date indicated. Probably Australian Sports Publications, Melbourne, in the 1970s. Softcover, 96 pages, many mono photographs. Particularly interesting for its diving and artifacts recovered by scuba divers off the  coast of Victoria.

NSF THE SILENT FLEET. Geoff Nayler. No date, no publisher, no ISBN, and not even a title page; printed by Quadricolor (Vic), so probably published rather unprofessionally by Australian Sports Publications, circa late 1970s. Softcover, 32 pages. But it does list the vessels sunk in the ships graveyard  in Bass Strait off Port Phillip heads, together with latitude and longitude, and a few mono photographs. Note: A great deal of research, both documentary and by actual diving, has been done on the ship’s graveyard in recent years; no doubt there will be further publications on this fascinating region in the near future.

NWR WRECKS AND RELICS. Geoff Nayler. Australian Sports Publications, Melbourne. No date. Circa 1970s.  ISBN 0 909853 76 2. The author was an enthusiastic diver living at Geelong and thus having access to many wrecks in Port Phillip and the eastern Victorian coastline. Thirty ships and the ‘J’ class submarines are listed in the softcover book of 64 pages. The vessel details are limited, but the wreck site information is interesting, as are the mono photographs.

NMC MY CEILING THE WAVES. Geoff Nayler.  Australian Sports Publications, Melbourne. No date. Circa 1970s.  No ISBN. Softcover, 88 pages, mono photos and twenty-nine colour plates. An autobiograhy of one of Victoriass earliest and most adventurest divers, providing details on several wrecks.

PH CLONMEL - DISASTER TO DISCOVERY. Peter Harvey. Published by Heritage Council of Victoria, 1999. ISBN 0 7306 8698 1. A small booklet of 28 pages, delightfully designed, with colour and mono prints, drawings. It covers the los of the paddle steamer Clonmel off the Gippsland coast  in 1841, leading to the 'discovery' of the excellent land near Port Albert.

PR EXPLORING SHIPWRECKS OF WESTERN VICTORIA. Peter Ronald. Published by The Osburne Group, Warrnambool. No date. ISBN 0 7316 1922 6. Small 62 page booklet, in full colour, covering twelve important wrecks. The author was director of Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, and an experienced diver. The booklet includes details of the wrecksite and items recovered by the author and others, for the village.

RM WRECK OF THE MONUMENTAL CITY. W.H. Reinelt. . Published by Marine History Publications, Geelong. No date. Small booklet of 28 pages.

RP DIVING AROUND VICTORIA'S GREAT SOUTHWEST. Rob Porter. Privately published by Robsea Enterprises, December 1986. ISBN 0 9588635 0 4. A small booklet of fifty- four pages, mono prints, charts and maps covering the diving from Port Campbell west to the South Australian border. Based predominantly on personal experience, thi is a useful guide book which covers the major wrecksites.

RW THE WHITE STAR LINE. W.H. Reinelt. Published by Marine History Publications, Geelong. No date. Small booklet of 27 pages. Coves the fifty ships or so owned by William Holyman & Son, one of Australias leading shipping companies.

SAN SHIPWRECK ATLAS OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Department of Urban Affairs and Planning.  2nd Edition. No date. No author or editor indicated. Large format A3 portrait size, screw post binding in hard board covers, containing 24 charts with known shipwreck locations along the NSW coast, together with 24 articles relevant to the chart region. Of interst to this encyclopedia is the complete listing of all known losses, included  with the charts. A very intersting publication, and presumably, an authoritive list compiled by the Heritage Branch of the DUAP. However there is one group of errors that stands out. According to the publication, there were only two barques lost in NSW waters during the full history covered. This is clearly absurd. Where a vessel has been listed as a barque by other authors, in particular Loney, SAN refers to the vessel as a barquentine. Indeed many schooners are likewise incorrected noted. Such errors lend cause for doubt on the accuracy of other data. It is possible that many of the vessels mentioned in SAN, and not listed in other references on NSW wrecks, were not lost but stranded and refloated.

SPM THE PASSAGE MAKERS. Michael Stammers. Teredo Books, Sussex, England, 1978. Hardcover, dustjacket, 508 pages. A few mono prints. This superb publications covers the Black Ball Line of Australian ships from 1852 to 1871, the men who sailed them, and of its incredible founder James Baines. A most valuable reference.

TL WRECKS IN DARWIN WATERS. Tom Lewis. Turton & Armstrong Pty Ltd, Wahroonga, NSW. 1992. ISBN 0 908031 45 9. Softcover, 97 pages, mono prints. Bibliography but, surprisingly and annoyingly, no index. Also covers diver's notes,  wrecked and sunken aircraft.  The February 1942 attack on Darwin by the Japanese, which resulted in several ships lost, is included, as is the 1959/1960 salvage operations conducted by a Japanese salvage team, and Cyclone Tracy.

TLI  SENSUIKAN I-124 - A History of the Imperial Japanese Navy Fleet Submarine Sunk in Northern Territtory Waters. Tom Lewis. Tall Stories, Darwin, 1997. ISBN0 646 32218 4. Softcover, A4 format, 130 pages, mono photographs, extensive bibliography and index. Extensively researched, covers her early history, the battle and her loss, subsequent salvage attemps, rumours and political intrique.

TS1 TASMANIAN SHIPWRECKS, Volume One, 1797-1899. Graeme Broxam and Michael Nash. Published by Navarine Publishing, ACT, 1998. ISBN 0-9586561-5-0. Hardcover, dust jacket, 343 pages, mono prints throughout. A most authorative work.

TS2 - TASMANIAN SHIPWRECKS, Volume Two, 1900 - 1999. Graeme Broxam and Michael Nash. Published by Navarine Publishing, ACT, 1998. ISBN 0-9586561-5-0. Hardcover, dust jacket, 343 pages, mono prints throughout. A most autorative work.

UV1 UNFINISHED VOYAGES.  Western Australian Shipwrecks 1622-1850. Graeme Henderson. University of Western Australia Press, 1980. ISBN 0 85564 176 2. Hardcover, dustjacket, oblong format, 288 pages, mono photographs. The definitive work on shipwrecks of Western Australia. Wrecks are listed chronologically of loss. Index, bibliography. (Not yet referenced).

UV2 UNFINISHED VOYAGES. Western Australian Shipwrecks 1851 - 1880. Graeme and Kandy-Jane Hendrson. University of Western Australia Press, 1988. ISBN 0 85564 283 3. Hardcover, dustjacket, oblong format, 308 pages, mono photographs. The definitive work on shipwrecks of Western Australia. Wrecks are listed chronologically of loss. Index, bibliography. (Not yet referenced).

UV3 UNFINISHED VOYAGES. Western Australian Shipwrecks 1881-1900. Lynne Cairns and Graeme Hendrson. University of Western Australia Press, 1995. ISBN 0 875560 24 6.  Hardcover, dustjacket, oblong format, 384 pages, mono photographs. The definitive work on shipwrecks of Western Australia. Wrecks are listed chronologically of loss. Index, bibliography.(Not yet referenced).

VPM POSTED MISSING. Alan Villiers. Hooder and Staughton, 1975. First printed in Great Britain in 1956. ISBN (1975 edition) 0 340 19822 2. Hardcover, dustjacket, 310 pages, a few mono photographs, several charts. Covers world wide major, and mysterious, losses, many of them British trawlers, but only those vessels relevant to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific are listed here. Includes a comprehensive section on the loss of the liner Waratah, Melbourne to England, 1909.

WB SHIPWRECKS AROUND PORT PHILLIP HEADS. Bob Wealthy and Stan Bugg. J.L.Publications, Melbourne, 1995. ISBN 0 9586452 0 5. Softcovr, 100 pages, mono photographs, charts. A small yet valuable book in that it adds to our knowledge of the wrecks at the entrance to Port Phillip. GPS longitide and latitude position as well as land bearings, and thumbnail charts. The historic information on the thirty-four wrecks listed is brief; 'the wreck today' paragraph is important historically, and the 'hazards and precautions'; vital for those contemplating a site visit.

WL PACIFIC STEAMERS. Will Lawson. Brown, Son and Ferguson Pty Ltd, Glasgow. First printed 1927; reprinted 1975. It would appear that the publishers thought so much of the Australian author that they included his work with that of the famous BasilLubbock, who wrote seven majpor works for Brown, Son and Ferguson. An important work on the early Australian steamers, the vessels that plied the Engalnd-Australia route, and the USA-Australia route, those that travelled to China, Japan and Hong Kong, and New Zealand. However, a particular annoyance is that the author seems to have an aversion for including a date on all events. Excellent descriptions of the engine mechanisms and drive equipment in these early steamers. Hardcover, dustjacket, 240 pages, many mono plates. Index only of the ships.

WPP WRECKS OF PORT PHILLIP. Peter J. Williams and Roderick Serle. Maritime Historical Productions, Melbourne, 1964. No ISBN. Hardcover, 94 pages, 24 mono plates. Inccludes an appendix of minor incidents. Vessels are listed in chronological sequence from 1841to 1955. Entries include details of the loss, but generally, little information on the vessel.

WPH SHIPWRECKS AT PORT PHILLIP HEADS 1840-1963.  Peter J. Williams and Roderick Serle.  Maritime Historical Productions, Melbourne, 1963. No ISBN. Softcover, 60 pages of text and thirty pages of mono prints. Wrecks and straandings listed in chronological sequence.
In 1967, a 'new revised edition' was released under the title SHIPWRECKS AT PORT PHILLIP HEADS SINCE 1840, a smaller saddle-stapled softcover, of only 64 pages. This reduced size was achieved by eliminating all but the true wrecks, (ie no strandings), and most of the photographs. And there appears to be no additional material in the 1967 edition.

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